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CFP-QSFP28 Adapter

100G CFP2 TO QSFP28 Adaptor Module

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100G CFP TO QSFP28 Adaptor Module

General Information

Manufacturer Part Number


Product Name

XG-CFP-QSFP28-F Adaptor Module

Product Type

Adaptor Module

Power consumption

Max: 5W   (3.3V voltagemax current 1.5A)


CAUI -10 Electrical Interface:10 Lanes @10Gbit/s for CFP port

CAUI -4 Electrical Interface:4 Lanes @25.78Gbit/s for QSFP28 port

Hot Pluggable

Low latency FEC

MDIO, I2C Support

Compliant to CFP MSA

Case operating temperature: 0 to 70 °C

The XG-CFP-QSFP28-F Adaptor Module converts a 100 Gigabit CFP port into a 100 Gigabit QSFP28 port. With the Adaptor Module, customers have the flexibility to use the 100 Gigabit CFP interface port of a switch with CFP modules or QSFP28 modules. For 100G Ethernet, reference clock can switch 161.133mhz or 644.531mhz; For OUT 4 , reference clock can switch 174.703mhz or 698.812mhz; Users can control whether FEC function is enabled or not through register configuration.

I/O Expansions

CFP port


QSFP28 port


Physical Characteristics


13.6mmHeight x 82mmWidth x 144.75mm Depth